"Generally, body shops are not a place you want to find yourself.  I selected ACR after reading the great yelp reviews, and now I have my own to add!

I was hit by an armored truck which caused a bunch of damage to my minivan's rear bumper and door, taillight, and an annoying exhaust rattle.  Carlos himself put together my estimate, which happened to be mid-way between the three I got altogether.  I felt he fairly captured all the possibilities especially since the exhaust was a bit of an enigma, and he was the only one who actually took the time to put the van up on a lift to see what might be going on with the exhaust rattle.  Those five extra minutes he took won him the business.

I should add that I'm 38 1/2 weeks pregnant, so he understood I had some urgency to get this repair done before I delivered my baby.  I really felt like he took special care of me.  

When I called a week after getting the initial estimate to get going, he was ready for me when I asked him to be - he ordered the parts, and everything was ready to go on the day we planned.  We planned on a 4-day work timeframe, and they coordinated a minivan rental for me which was really convenient (did I mention, 38 1/2 weeks pregnant??).  He even transferred my kids' car seats from my minivan into the rental van for me!

Imagine my surprise when he called me the very next afternoon to tell me my van was ready!  So basically, a rear-end bumper, door, taillight, exhaust clamp, and all the paint and bodywork took a total of about 36 hours, out the door.  He came in right at his estimate on the final bill.

Every body shop should be this awesome.  I really hope I am never in another accident but I know where I will go next time.  Thanks, to Carlos and your staff!"

Jaryd C.

"Very reliable and faster than I expected to fix my Jeep, work was top notch and very satisfied with turn out, will use for my tires and anything else I need for my car. Would highly recommend."

Daniel C.

"I was recently side swiped by a wonderful cab late one night while driving. My entire passenger side of my car had substantial damage to it. The car was still drive-able and I was recommended to ACR by a friend so I decided to look into using them to repair my vehicle. I went to their website and saw that they were a Nissan Certified Collision Repair Facility. How does this help me? I have an Infiniti so it's essentially all Nissan parts and they are familiar with the entire Nissan builds.  I took my car in for an estimate and Carlos helped me out right away. They took pictures and were quick to provide me with an estimate. After a few days and getting a couple quotes from other places I decided to go with ACR as they had one of the best prices and with the Nissan certification, it just sold me. It took them about a week to fix up my car which was reasonable due to the extent of the damage. I also had summer rims/tires that I put on my car during the warmer months and they were more than happy to switch them out with my winter rims/tires that I had on the car when I took it in. When I went back a week later to get my car my jaw just dropped. It looked as if my car was brand new and I never even got hit! They had it all washed up for me and it was flawless. Till this day when I am looking at my car closely or washing it, I still can't tell I was ever hit by the cab. The workmanship really shows and I am pleased beyond my expectations. I am glad I chose Auto Collision Rebuilders and would definitely recommend them to any of my family/friends/people of Yelp!

P.S. they have free coffee that's actually good! Score!"